The werewolf growled while swinging its arms. Han reflexively lowered his head. He grabbed one of the spears stuck to its back.


Class B had all been separated into factions. All the different factions were currently competing for the spot of the next class president. They were all set on finding their own groups for this survival drill.


Han furrowed. The hole in the ground was dug quite deep. It was dug about 4 meters below ground. The trap looked like it had been in this place for quite awhile.


"Let's see if this is something you would end up feeling grateful for. If you're transferred into year 2, you will only have two paths. A brilliantly incompetent soldier, or an exemplary psyker. You won't be able to quit halfway through just because you're tired. About thirty percent of new second year transfers either die or become crippled within half a year. There are many reasons. The bones of many students are not able to follow the rapid maturity of the body, some children are not able to mentally accept their adult forms, and many become mentally broken because they cannot handle the mental strain of their own psychic powers. It's an everyday occurrence that students die while training. If the training curriculum becomes known by the mass media, due to hundreds of questionable issues with human rights, Ark would most likely be abolished."


The traitor leaked the whereabouts of Ark to the True Group military stronghold. In turn, the True Group decided to lead a frontal attack with their full force. Everything fit like a puzzle.


"Reaching Schwartz's level is like reaching for the stars. He's a very difficult opponent for you. What will you do next time I ask you to knock Johnny out?"

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He was a similar type of psyker and they both had been named geniuses of their field. Simon had considered himself Kuro's rival.


Only the elite could be formally be instated as a psyker soldier because the price for their equipment prices was astronomical.


The Elus were putting something onto their alter. He could see bits and pieces of a familiar cloth. They were pieces of the Ark training uniforms.


Drill instructor Wei briefly glanced toward Han. It was rare for a student to understand and use the rules to their own advantages like this. Additionally, they had been given only fifteen minutes to plan.


'I came to a place where it's not possible to survive through normal means.'


"Kuro, do you have enough strength to continue using your telekinetic power?"


Han had never spoken out loud, but Jose had been by his side for a long time and could conclude as such. From time to time Han would go off by himself to read his mail, and would take out a hologram photo of not his family, but a photo of a group of children.



It is harder to find a better kind of human resource for battle than these youths. With the addition of actual battle experience, these soldiers would become terrifying existences.



Thankfully, his uniform was made of a highly functional material that was waterproof. He didn't need to worry about drying his own clothes.


They had already discovered two death traps. The enemy laid an invisible thread at the level of their knee, if they were to trip it, a grenade pin would be pulled. The slightest mistake would mean the end of the whole squad.


'I have the strength to help Han. I've always needed his protection but…, it's different now. I will become his friend who can look at him eye to eye.'

  • When their bodies gave out, they needed the strong mental strength to stand up once again.
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