Humans are never friendly without reason. There is a reason for all action. Adults become used to this type of lifestyle easily.


He had been very thin and small so he could go on a long time with only a little bit of food. Now, hunger seemed to find him much faster. His body was physically stronger, but it burned energy that much faster.


"I didn't come here to hear frosted words. I hope you understand just one thing. I'm also doing my job to the best of my ability for our world's future. I'm sure it will be hard for you to immediately understand. Losing against the dragons will mean the ultimate end for us, and it will seem like what we are doing is completely useless However, history has already proved that humans are not the most logical or wise creatures. They understand deep in their bones, and yet continue to make mistakes. A little step back will prevent co-destruction, but it seems our pride prevents this. However, if dragons do not invade, what do you think humanity would end up doing with all the leftover nuclear bombs? They will be used on each other."


"If we attempted to escape, they will use heavy artillery against us while risking the loss of data. If they're lucky they would be able to retrieve everything."


".... Instead of using Han's skills as a ranger or assaulter, I deployed him as the sweeper in case the rangers of the enemy team would reach the flag before us. I judged that Han had the capability to buy us time for our victory. My judgment had hit the bulls eye. This summarizes the basic reason for our victory."


Kuro pointed to a cave. He had good instincts. While Han spent his day to day life with Kuro, he discovered Kuro had great sixth sense.

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Kuro's huge eyes looked in shock. He had scared himself and his heart was beating wildly. His squad members had hit him but it didn't hurt at all.


The military operations that squads are deployed to are often times these sort of simple missions. The third years and P.F. veterans would go out together for the sake of acquiring battle experience. Real life battle experience was more important than any amount of institutional training.


He was a similar type of psyker and they both had been named geniuses of their field. Simon had considered himself Kuro's rival.


If he had forcibly interrupted him at that moment, it might not have been possible for Han to successfully manifest psychic powers within these three weeks.


A black crow was painted on the corner of the hanger deck. This was one of the four high speed assault transport planes in existence. The cost to construct this plane had been astronomical, but the maintenance costs that exceeded the budget many times were what almost lead it to be junked. However, Ark travels worldwide on a daily basis so they had made a special exception. This plane is operated by Ark on an extremely strict budget. The other two are out on a military operation, and the remaining one is being repaired.


The trainers and teachers were talking in the resting area. They were enjoying a cup of coffee while looking through some hologram files.


Han let off a bitter smile while watching Kuro. Happiness and sadness welled up at once. He shook off the hands which held his hand and walked out.



The rumor of Sergeant Red and Han's spar had spread through all of Ark. All the students who had been resting peeked out their windows or climbed to watch on the roof.



The children who didn't think to swim around the island, tried their best to climb rocky cliffs and boulders, but ended up falling and slipping, wasting their energies.


The morning alarm rang all over Ark. People exited their dorm rooms one by one. The residents of this place didn't bother assembling or lining up, but instead walked around casually. Second years always moved as one, in squads. It was rare that anyone would move around by themselves.


Kuro was no longer class B's weakling. His exquisite telekinesis control had made Kuro into one of the strongest within class B.

  • The hideout was a complete mess. Somebody had turned this place upside down. Han had taken all his emergency food supplies with him so there was nothing valuable enough to plunder. The campsite they had discovered was a dud.
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